mixing glass and metal

I've recently started going back to my glass roots, and there have been some interesting developments.  While I'm itching to get back to making some layered glass, I got out a bit of ribbed dichroic glass, and fused some small "cabochons" to set into small rings. 

I was blessed to have crossed paths with a really great teacher, Lexi Erickson, and my metalsmithing skills have blossomed.  I really love her style...very organic hand-finished pieces.

Green Ruffled Layered Glass Pendant

But every student must at some point find their own style.  So my journey to find my way "back" to my own style began.  Pieces of glass that I set aside because I couldn't bear to part with them for $20 have now become some of my favorite jewelry pieces.   The piece shown here was a beautifully layered glass piece that I carried around in my pocket for a long time.  I went through a "ruffle" phase, and this piece was one of the resulting pieces. 

But then I started thinking about dichroic glass.  Each time I do a show—even if I have my sterling silver pieces—I sell more dichroic earrings than anything else.  So I wondered could I "class" it up a bit?  Everyone seems to love the sparkle, but sometimes dichroic glass is "overdone" and a little gaudy.  My goal is to create dichroic glass that retains the sparkly beauty, but has everyday appeal.  This little ring has a small...maybe 1/4"...piece of dichroic glass, bezel set with a delicately hammered backplate.  It's not too expensive, and not too flashy. 

Tiny Dichroic Ring in Sterling Silver

I love making rings especially that can be used for meditation.  This started a few years ago when I was experiencing test anxiety when I went back to college.  My lampworked beads had bumps on them that were great for relaxation.  This little dichroic ring has depth...the wearer can gaze into what looks like a little drop of water with a sparkly ribbed underside.  It's a beautiful accessory that I wear constantly.  It's available here on Etsy.