ZBrush Training

I'm available for training in Pixologic's ZBrush as it relates to jewelry.

My style is more for casual and sculptural jewelry, but I'm skilled at helping new users break down the complexity of the software. With extensive computer training experience, I'm able to help users of all skill levels—even beginners—create beautiful jewelry.

I currently work on a Formlabs Form 2 printer, and cast items in my studio, so I have hands-on experience with the whole process, including casting, and can help translate traditional wax carving to 3D modeling techniques.

If you're able to show me pictures of what you'd like to create, I can help you understand how to use ZBrush to make it happen.

I can travel to your location, or provide web-based training.

ZBrush Course—UPCOMING!

I’m currently working on a ZBrush course for jewelry artists. The course is geared toward people with little to no experience in ZBrush, but my second course will cover more advanced topics. If you'd like to join my email list, I'll email you when the course becomes available! Your name will only be used for this purpose.

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