editing Ebola K...

For the month of January and February, Bobby announced that we were taking off for Port Aransas, Texas so he could finish up the second installment in his book series, Ebola K. I love the beach, so I can't complain!  As it turns out, he's a little tired of the cold weather, and craving Mexican food. 

This was one of the hardest books yet. There is so much research that goes into a fiction book based on real life, and this book has some interesting explorations into the more emotional side of what might happen during a pandemic. He even found information about the influenza epidemic from the early 1900s...they had to post guards near trains because people were stealing coffins. Or the fact that terror groups in Africa are killing elephants to steal their tusks, doing some unimaginable things to the poor creatures. But as always, it's Bobby's goal to educate the reader while giving them an escape into another world.

After a long final week, we did it. We had a hard deadline with Amazon for Valentine's Day, and missing that deadline would mean losing all of the preorders. So with the pressure on, we had to get it done. Margaret and Bryan, Bobby's ex brother- and sister-in-law came in for a vacation...heh, heh, heh. We put them to work. Since Margaret has edited Bobby's books in the past, the timing was perfect. Bryan assumed "manservant" duty, and kept us in great food for the weekend.

On Saturday, we uploaded. And the book is out next Tuesday, February 24th. Check it out!