Kat's Design Workshop

Just in case you're curious about what's coming down the pipeline, this is a gallery of some designs I'm working on. Most of my designs are created on the computer in a CAD design program called ZBrush, which allows me to play with a virtual "clay" on the screen, pushing and pulling and smoothing until a design is complete. 

Once a design is finalized, I create a support structure which allows the piece to be printed on my Formlabs 3D printer, which has a very high resolution, making the models very smooth. The models are then attached to a wax "trunk," and embedded in a high-temp plaster called investment. The models are then burned out in a kiln, and the resulting cavity filled with sterling silver or gold.

Each piece is then hand-finished by me in my Austin studio. My work is never outsourced to China...I am a full-time artist, and your new jewelry is designed and crafted here in the United States.

These designs are not yet available...