Bike Rack Replacement Part Info

The racks have been loved and used, and I will be buying another set for the car I'm driving now.  The rubber tower pads were replaced around 2014, and we didn't use the racks but once or twice after that, so they are in perfect shape. There are a couple cracks on the plastic cover on the bars, but they are galvanized and won't rust, so it's just an aesthetic thing.

The original price of all of the parts of the rack were close to $900.  

Rocky Mount Bike Rack

  • E183 Key

Yakima Bike Rack

  • SKS A137 Key:  The key for all locks (towers on the racks, bike racks) is an SKS Eurolock key, number A137.  I've included the only key I still have.  If you would like extra keys, Rack Outfitters on Ben White has them for $6 each.
  • Yakima Multi-Mounts:  For masts, paddles, or oars.  They are included.  New were about $60.
  • Yakima Strap Thang:  Holds windsurfer, paddleboard.  This is a new set.  Originally $69.
  • Yakima Low-Profile Towers with 58" bars:  Original cost $199.
  • Yakima Viper Bike Racks, Qty 2:  Original cost $99 each.
  • Rocky Mount Bike Rack:  Original cost $89.
  • Wheel Forks, Qty 2:  $49 each.

    You'll need to replace this one...
  • Skewer:  One of the racks is missing a skewer.  Approximately $29 for the newer style, but this newer one can use the existing lock.  Part number 8002118. Rack Outfitters on Ben White has them in stock. You can also get it on Amazon.

    If you're paddleboarding or windsurfing, you'll want these...
  • Crossbar Pads:  I only have one.  A new pair is about $35.