working on a book on downsizing...

Do you have too much stuff? Too much clutter? I jokingly refer to myself as a "craft supply collector" (cough...hoarder...cough). No, seriously, I do a lot of artsy things, so I just have a lot of stuff to go with it. But I've collected too long, and it's time to simplify. Focus on a few things instead of stressing over too many.

So I am currently working on a book on downsizing! Yes, after watching too many HGTV episodes of Caribbean Life, Bobby and I started talking about the possibility of relocating to an island. 

Brilliantly, he pointed out, "you've got a lot of stuff." To which I replied, "I can fix that!" So we made a goal of downsizing and moving somewhere tropical in one year.

So this past Fall, I started getting rid of stuff, and writing about my experience. I wrote about the struggles of letting go of things I've carried around for years, and documenting strategies that worked. I also came up with a new mantra...

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.03.29 PM.png

Yup. Trying to figure out whether or not I need to keep something? Could I fit it in my suitcase? No? I can't take it to the's gotta go. I'm at an arts festival and found the perfect enameled house thingy? Will that fit in my suitcase? What's more important...a swimsuit, or the home decor item? Definitely the swimsuit.

It has worked extremely well as I'm going through my stuff. And the act of writing a book that will hopefully help others in simplifying their lives is a great motivation.

So stay tuned. The book should be out this summer sometime!